Better Science. Better Results. It's the way we treat ourselves, each other, and our loved ones.

It's our mission to help the people in our community reduce their pain and suffering, get back to work sooner, get back to sports stronger, and return to a full enjoyment of their family and social life. Do you or does someone you know need our help? We utilize the most advanced science and corrective chiropractic treatment available today called Chiropractic Biophysics ® . Dr. Patton is a Distinguished Chiropractic Biophysics Fellow. In addition, Dr. Patton is a graduate of the Italian Scientific Spine Institute(ISICO) Master Course in the treatment of scoliosis and a certified provider for ScoliBrace scoliosis braces. Dr Patton provides 3D scanning images to ScoliBrace who then custom tailors and 3D prints every brace specifically to meet the needs of each individual patient. We also offer Litecure'sClass IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy.


Fine Spine Chriropractic - Adjustment

How does having better chiropractic science help you get better results? Science-based chiropractors offer top-of-the-line spine health care as an alternative to medication and surgery. We know your number one desire is for your body and life to be pain-free and at peace. Chiropractors help you get rid of pain by getting your spine back to into a more healthy alignment. This is called "corrective" chiropractic care, it is a full course gourmet style of chiropractic care. Of course correcting the shape of your spine is the best choice for long-term satisfaction, but we want you happy. If for some reason you are not able to do "corrective" care we will still do everything possible to get rid of your symptoms with our a-la-carte treatment options. As long as you have a muscle, skeletal, spine, nerve, or soft tissue problem that chiropractic, massage, or laser therapy can solve we can help. Remember your agenda is our agenda!

The best health care providers measure your health and compare you to healthy values by using X-rays, posture, joint mobility, and muscle tone. The best way to measure your spinal alignment is by X-ray. We measure your spinal X-ray alignment before treatment and then measure again after a course of treatment to see how much improvement you made compared to normal. Once your numbers are in the healthy range, then you do the minimum work to maintain the healthy alignment, in turn preventing disease to your spine.

Our office philosophy is also to maintain a "patient-centered" chiropractic and health care office. It may not seem like it to the casual observer but our open-adjusting and treatment suite allows for our whole team to intensely focus on your care. We utilize private rooms for consultations, examinations, massages, laser therapy, X-rays, occasional chiropractic adjustments, and certainly any time upon request. The open suite allows for a greater patient focus and supervision of treatment, on subsequent visits we are able to educate you or review with you how to care for your spine at home, work, exercise, and/or school.

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